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Maybe Its Time We Had a Talk

by Esteban - Shift Manager

Well, well, well. Look at the set of fucking balls on this one.  Scott, is it? I’ve heard some things, Scott.  And I’m gonna get right down to it, I don’t like what people are whispering around the break room about you.  So I think for your own good, its time I let you know how shit goes ’round here in the Target Electronics Department.  First things first, I OWN you. I am your team leader, which means I am YOUR. GOD. And I’m not talking about a Biblical God. All that fire and brimestone crap is overdone. I’m a warrior God. I’m Thor. I’m Loki. I AM FINAL FANTASY SEVEN’S ODIN SUMMON RIDING IN ON HIS STEED TO GUNGE LANCE YOUR ASS!!

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