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Losing the Pop Culture War

Goddamn right.

There’s talk of America’s decline as the last great superpower. People think we may have lost a step from the ascendant society that came out of WWII as an economic powerhouse due to a huge industrial base, agricultural zones, and means of moving products quickly to where they need to go as America was entirely (excepting Hawaii) untouched by the ravages of war that shattered Europe and Asia.

Perhaps we came out of the Cold War damaged: psychologically impaired and paranoid. We had to know everything and run everything for fear of annihilation. It’s possible that all that time spent keeping an eye on the spread of Communism and acting as ideological police spread us too thin and forced too many compromises, leading us away from the infinite promise of our vision for a free and open meritocracy guided by laws passed by moral men. Read the rest of this entry

OLPC digs up Lennon from his grave, voice over by your buddy doing a Lennon impression

This ad has been out for two years? Maybe the reason why I haven’t seen it until now is that is a slap in the face to a dead person. One Laptop Per Child is a noble cause, though the empowerment a third-world child would get from a computer is probably outweighed by having people not cutting off her family’s heads every week. Read the rest of this entry


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