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Moments of Brilliance: Poolhall Junkies

There is a phenomenon that exists on university campuses all over the country, where everyone sort of just agrees that a movie is good. It’s usually a movie that didn’t do well initially. Everyone secretly discovers the movie and then shows it to drunk friends in dorm rooms, or on lazy Sunday nights, and it strikes a chord with all the wide-eyed 18 and 19 year old kids away from home for the first time because it’s so different or weird from anything they’ve seen.


I remember being 18 and sitting in my shitty dorm room absolutely dead set on expanding my horizons. I’d go see every boring movie, attend the concert of every awful band, and buy whatever was new and underground. Quality was an afterthought. All that mattered is that I had a secret. I had a thing that no one else heard about, even though usually the way it actually happened was A.) everyone knew about it, too, but also treated it like a secret, or B.) no one knew, because no one cared, because it sucked.
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