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Destructobox: “Thparticus”

We love Destructobox at Nonstop Karate, partly because co-creator Joey Reinisch is part of our wrestling tag-team of writers LOLJK. If you enjoyed DB’s “Box Lunch” short on Mondo Media, you might have noticed some wonderful Television background audio. In fact, you might have said “Shut up, main characters. What is that beautiful voice I hear?”. That would be myself and the wonderful Aaron Waltke improvising what our hearts truly lust for: gay sex scenes in Showtime shows.

Destructobox: “Snow Plowin'”

If you didn’t know, our own beloved Joey Reinisch has moved his webseries with Phil McLaughlin over to Mondo Media. That’s big. And they’re the most controversial series Mondo’s run in quite some time. That says something. I don’t know what it means, but it’s big. Big. A few smaller episodes have made it up, but the winter classic ‘Snow Plowin'” is airing in the warm month of March.


Nonstop Karate are King Makers

Some might say that Destructo Box was a successful underground web series that didn’t really take off until they started getting their updates posted on NK. Some might say this blog had nothing to do with it, and we merely recognized a good thing that was already on its way when we saw it. More than likely the latter.

Destructo Box has been picked up by Mondo Media, master of series such as Dr. Tran, Happy Tree Friends, Dick Figures and Cat Slap. Read the rest of this entry


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