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“Getting Iced”: Bros Find a Loophole to Uncool Drinking

The verb “icing” can mean one of three things:

1)   Adding an unnecessary level of sugar to a loaf of cake bread; nothing more than a delicious wedge of sweet carbs.

2)   Killing someone at gunpoint.

3)   A new drinking game popular with frat boys that “forces” the players to drink Smirnoff Ice.

Is this a game? I took a game design class in college and I say no. Instead it’s merely a scheme by both Smirnoff and drink snobs to get away with social fraud. Let’s take a look: Read the rest of this entry

Do. Not. F-ck. Me. On. This.

It appears that nearly everyone in my life is getting married/already married. It inspired me to write this.


by Jeff Larson

Guys, tonight, some stuff’s going to happen.

Weird stuff.

No guff, you’re going to see some shit, and unless you’re a filthy fucking degenerate like Williams over there, it’s going to challenge you. It will shake your spiritual and your entire emotional development to the core.

Gentlemen, this is why we go to Vegas. To challenge ourselves, to grow spiritually, and to remind ourselves what a 19-year-old single mom’s vagina looks like.
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