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Aliens Are Coming to Kill Us. Yes, Even You. Especially You.

I really like movies about aliens.

"Is this gonna be a stand up fight, sir, or another bug hunt?"

I’m not sure why that is, because I hate horror movies (yes, we’re going to talk about this, again). Aliens are weird looking, overpowering, and, more often than not, are here to kill us in amazingly extravagant ways. It’s basically a horror movie where the threat comes from the black of space and not the dark of a basement.

A lot of it might be the mentality that we, and by we, I, of course, mean red-blooded Americans, can withstand anything and come out okay. We as a nation were born of it. We told the biggest, most powerful, most influential empire to go screw, and then fought and outlasted them to forge our own nation.


Which makes it equal parts funny and sad at how spectacularly we lose our shit when someone else tries that on our watch.

This is me digressing. This is me digressing.

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