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Rogue’s Gallery: Top 10 Villains From Film and Literature

I guess there isn’t a whole lot of shame in making a list and calling it writing.  It isn’t like I graduated with a degree in English or am in any way qualified or obligated to edify or entertain anyone.  In fact, I think it’s high time I pointed out the fact that our readers come to Non-stop Karate with quite a lot of baggage.  They come here looking for a little insight or cleverness, or even just the odd tit or giggle.  But really, having expectations of quality of any kind is really just going to disappoint all parties involved. Read the rest of this entry

I Need a Mentor

Guys, I’m not going to lie to you.

My twenties aren’t going great.

Not actually my space, but close enough to hurt.

I’m single with no idea how to approach women and I have zero inkling on what they want. Not just from me, but in general. They need air and water, right? And walks?

I was hoping to be able to use my degree in some form at this point and get paid for it, but I chose English as my degree because I’m fucking stupid, and I’m not getting paid to use it in LA because I’m still bad it. Or I don’t know the right people. Or Entourage is a hit and I don’t know how to function in a ruined world where that’s a thing that’s happened.

Last Saturday I spent so much time playing video games that when I got done, it was dark out and I forgot to eat. I considered that night a success.

It’s become readily apparent that I stopped developing mentally and emotionally somewhere between ages eight and a eleven.

Obviously I need a mentor. I need someone to guide me through various pitfalls of life and teach me how to avoid tragedy and capitalize on opportunity.

Here are some potential molders of Matt…
Read the rest of this entry

Dying with your Boots on pt. 2

And here’s part 2 of my semi-exhaustive, but not really, examination of my favorite onscreen heroic deaths. I many go back later and do a most satisfying deaths, like when the villain dies, but we’ll see.

Not a death, but hey, this is my blog.

Until then, courage.

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