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Nonstop Karate are King Makers

Some might say that Destructo Box was a successful underground web series that didn’t really take off until they started getting their updates posted on NK. Some might say this blog had nothing to do with it, and we merely recognized a good thing that was already on its way when we saw it. More than likely the latter.

Destructo Box has been picked up by Mondo Media, master of series such as Dr. Tran, Happy Tree Friends, Dick Figures and Cat Slap. Read the rest of this entry

The Weekend After: Things We Did With Our Blog’s One Day of Fame

You might be able to say that since last week we’ve been rolling in the Munn-ey (that hurts to even type).

Olivia looks down from her nerd throne, sad at her kingdom.

We enjoyed our Friday. What became a fun analysis on a topic personal for both Matt and myself got quite a few hits and put our growing blog under the scrutiny of the internet. Thanks for stopping by, especially to the bad-pun-making atheists of Reddit.

We plan a retort for later in the week; analyzing some lady figures in the industry and figuring out who we can call our own and who’s a pod person in disguise. Feel free to submit your suggestions incase we miss anyone.

Here are some things we did with our newfound wealth from the surge of hits.

Read the rest of this entry


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